Minimizing Your Bust Line With a Specialty Bra

Published: 13th June 2009
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The days of one bra being appropriate for all occasions are long gone. As any woman knows, there seems to a special bra for just about any possible event. In this article, we take a look at the minimizer bra, its purpose and how it works.

Cosmetic surgery is the leading elective surgery of choice in the United States. One of the most popular surgeries is the breast enhancement procedure notwithstanding many of the issues that arose regarding silicone implants. While there seems to be a universal desire to increase the size of our bust line according to the media, it simply is not true. In fact, you may want to de-emphasize your breast size and shape during more conservative moments. For those times, the bra industry has come up with the minimizer bra.

What is the exact purpose of a minimizer bra? Some women naturally or through a bit of "work" have large breasts. While this might seem like something to envy, there are definite downsides. Men can give you an indepth account of what your top is made out of, but they can't tell you the color of your eyes. After a few years, this can get a bit old and women with larger breasts will use minimizer bras to try to change that. Breast reduction surgery is another approach, but neither a cheap nor painless one!

Another arena in which minimizer bras are utilized is the business environment. The preferred focus is usually on emphasizing one's mental capacity, not physical assets. A bountiful bosom often becomes a negative from this perspective. With a minimizer bra, the issue can be dealt with to a certain extent.

So, just what is a minimizer bra and how does it work? A minimizer bra is designed to create the image of your breasts being one to two cup sizes smaller than they really are. The bra accomplishes this by compressing and compacting each breast in the cup. The design of the bra is such that it usually comes with an underwire, seamless cups and larger straps to provide a more firm fit. The horizontal band between the cups is not made out of flexible material as is found on most bras for the same reason.

Minimizer bras come in many different styles and forms. There is no "best" choice. The optimal pick is dependent entirely on how your specific figure fits them. One area to really watch out for is the slippage cup issue. If you do not get the fit just right, the breast can "slip" out of the cup up and under the armpit. This become very uncomfortable pretty quickly and will lead to chafing and a rash if not addressed.

Minimizing one's breast might seem an odd thought at first, but it is definitely a desire of many women with larger breast. Breast reduction surgery is a definite option, but minimizer bras are much cheaper and do the job on an occasion by occasion basis.

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