The Choice of Strapless Bras for Full Figured Women

Published: 20th November 2008
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The term bra has become outdated to the point that there really is no use for the word. These days, it is all about specialization. From sports bras to plunge bras to demi bras, there is something for every occasion.

The strapless bra is both loved and hated by many women. The positives have to do with the looks you can achieve without straps over the shoulder. A quality strapless bra can make the look you are going for with a strapless dress.

On the downside, a poor strapless dress can cause you all kinds of problems. The primary issue is related to the lack of stability and support. A normal bra will provide 80 percent of the support from the band running around the bottom and 20 percent from the straps over the shoulder. With a strapless bra, this obviously shifts all the support onto the band. This puts significant focus on the quality and design of the band. If the band is lacking in any way, then it can become uncomfortable at best and fail to provide support at worst.

So, is there a quality strapless bra on the market for a woman with an ample bust line? The good news is there is. The model in question is the Le Mystere 9755 Dream Strapless Bra. It is getting rave reviews across the fashion world since it is just about the only bra that performs in this area of need.

This bra is both a great strapless product, but also very versatile. It comes with straps that can be removed so that it can be worn as a strapless, demi, halter or criss-cross bra. When worn as a strapless version, the tactel molded fiber provides massive support for sizes up to size 40G. Think about that. A strapless bra for sizes up to 40G!

Finding a quality bra that fits can be really tough. The same goes for strapless bras. If you are looking for something in a larger size, the Le Mystere 7955 should be the first one you give a try. If it fits, make sure to stock up on them. Always keep in mind that the brands discontinue models all of the time, and there is no guarantee that the Le Mystere 7955 will be around next year. This is a once in a lifetime quality strapless bra, so do not miss out!

Over seventy percent of women wear poor fitting bras. Don't be one of them. Identify good brands and good products. Consider getting a professional fitting. A bra that fits well will seem like it isn't even on while one that doesn't will give you migraines and a sore back.

Tiffany Hart writes about strapless plus size bras like the Le Mystere 9755 Strapless Bra which you can find at

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