Why Must Bra Straps Fall?

Published: 12th May 2009
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You've read up on the proper way to wear a bra. You understand the support is supposed to come from the band around the bottom of the bra. There's only one problem. Your bra straps keep falling off your shoulders and driving you nuts. Why must bra straps fall?

Bra straps can be insanely aggravating. This is particularly true if you are wearing a top wear they can get loose. Slowly you feel them edging towards the outer edge of your shoulder. The minute you reach for something and are distracted, they dive off your shoulder down to your elbow or as far as they can go. It isn't a good look. Even if you catch the straps slipping, it is incredibly annoying to continually have to deal with them.

If you have strap slippage problems, there are a couple of things you can do. The first is obvious - adjust the straps! Sometimes, you can buy an "ender bra". What is an ender bra? It is bra that you try on with the adjustments already set at one end or the other of the available choices. When you go to adjust anything, you find that it is impossible because you are already using the last possible adjustment. Watch out for ender bras!

What if you've tried adjusting the straps this way and that with no luck? There are two possible issues. The first is you need to go down a band size. In doing so, you are going to get more strap adjustment capability, which might take care of things. If a lower band size doesn't fit, it may be time to take a look at a different style and brand of bra. Every bra from every brand is different, so you might find the solution in making this simple change.

There are some other factors to consider. The first might be that your bra is worn out. The straps tend to reveal this when elasticity is lost. Don't mistake straps that are worn out for loose ones. Replace your bra when it wears out because a worn out bra does not provide the support you need.

The second issue might be your anatomy. The idea of bra sizes is somewhat of a laughable one. We do not come in particular sizes. In fact, our two breasts don't even match each other. How then are we supposed to find a standard bra?! With this in mind, there may not be a perfect bra for you. In such a situation, you want to find the bra that fits best regardless of strap slippage. Once you have it, consider buying strap supports. These effectively connect the straps up behind your neck and keep them from sliding down.

Sliding bra straps can be a serious pain in the derriere. Still, give some thought to why they are sliding. The answer could give you some insight into whether you are wearing the right bra size or not.

Tiffany Hart writes for Diva Bras - your online resource for plus size bras and lingerie from leading brands like Le Mystere, Goddess, Chantelle, Freya, Panache and more.

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